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Never Be Lost Again!


95.00 per person / 1 Day / Confidence / Skill / Knowledge / Expert Instructors


Have you ever had the desire to get off the beaten path and explore the woods and waters on your own or with a friend?

How about using your compass to plot bearings from a map for a remote fishing trip to a secluded lake or stream?


Or what about that backcountry hike you have always wanted to take to "get away from it all" but were concerned about getting lost?


Wouldn’t it be great to have the calm assurance that within moments you could know right where you are and which way you need to travel to get back to your vehicle?


Spend time with us in this Map & Compass / GPS class and learn to travel accurately off-trail with complete confidence. This class will provide basic training in standard navigation methods (Map & Compass) and present day modern GPS navigation technology.


Topics covered:

• Understanding necessary terminology and course plotting

• Accurate and effective map reading

• Understanding and plotting map coordinates

• Declination: true, grid, and magnetic north

• Scale and distance

• Navigate accurately to distant targets

• Navigating in poor visibility

• Plotting positions on the map should you become “lost”

• Latitude and Longitude

• How to plot UTM coordinates from your map

• GPS overview

• Initializing and calibrating your GPS so it works properly

• Saving and editing locations in your GPS

• Entering desired positions into your GPS

• Common mistakes made by GPS users and how to avoid them

• Waypoints, Routes, and Plotting points

• And more


Our job is to see that you feel comfortable and confident using a map and compass anywhere and to give you the knowledge you need to use your GPS competently and confidently wherever you go.


Our Handbook is given the first day of class.


Come spend the day with

Registered Maine Guide's - Greg Sarnacki & Randy McEwan

and build your confidence.



Suggested Compass: Silva Ranger CL with flip top cover mirror, aiming sites, and increments of 2. Cost is about $49.00. Or the Silva Explorer /Guide (under $20.00)


Suggested GPS: Garmin eTrax (10, 20, 30) Both may be purchased at Cabela’s


Check out our Dates and Prices for Current Class Dates and Location.


For More Advanced Training – Check out our Orienteering Weekends - Guide Service



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Maine's Outdoor Learning Center

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