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LAND NAVIGATION an Orienteering Adventure


Build your confidence and skills in knowing where you are in the woods all the time.


Not only will you be able to test your skills and use them effectively with a Maine Guide to Guide you, but you’ll also gain a wealth of information to never be lost again while hiking or hunting.


Having full knowledge as to how to read a map and use a compass is for all those who like to venture off the trail and feel safe.


For the past 15 years, Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center Instructor Greg Sarnacki, has successfully taught thousands of people Land Navigation. As a Registered Maine Guide, Experienced Army Ranger, and Land Navigational Instructor, Greg has hours upon hours of experience using conventional map and compass as well as ancient celestial navigation techniques (sun, moon, stars, etc.) and new technologies (GPS) for orienteering and land navigation.


Greg teaches these skills to anyone interested in becoming comfortably familiar with tools and techniques essential for safe, enjoyable and confident short or long-range outings.


From 1 Day to a full weekend in the Maine woods, this Hands-on in the field Orienteering Adventure will be enable you to take your newly honed navigational skill and apply them wherever your adventures take you.


· Guided Trips 1 Day to 2 Nights in the field


o   Tailored to fit your needs; hiking, backpacking, tenting, etc.


o   Learn what is possible with Map & Compass


Following Topics Covered


o   Orienteering; Compass selection and use


o   Map reading of USGS Topographics


o   Map scales of 1:24,000


o   Day & Night Land Navigation by dead-reckoning and terrain association


o   Route Planning for short or long-range operations


o   Adjusting for Declination anywhere in the world


o   UTM and Lat/Long coordinate systems plotting


o   How to use these skills in the field for day/night hikes or long-range outings


o   Use compass to determine and plot bearing or azimuth on a map


o   Section / resection & triangulation


o   Day & Night Land Navigation exercises


1 Day: Basic Land Navigation – From Desk top to Field. Fine tune your current Navigational Skills


o   All Inclusive


o   Traditional Maine Guide Shore Lunch


o   Compass


Weekend: Taking the Map & Compass Skills to a practical level as you shift from beginner to advanced.


o   Desk to field; Off Trail Orienteering


o   All-inclusive Wilderness Camping/Tenting


o   Compass included


o   1 Night Base Camp


o   1 Night in the field


o   Hiking: Meet you at your level


o   Back Packing: A list will be sent of things to bring


From Desk-top to Field, the combination of these resources and the skills you’ll gain on this guided adventure will boost your confidence in navigational skills accurately on and off-trail.


Please call for more details and price.


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