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Maine's Outdoor Learning Center

Registered Maine Guide Training


$495.00 per person /4 Days /Educational / Professional Instructors


Your Experience combined with Our Information = Confidence.


From Southern Maine to Northern Maine, Thursday thru Sunday, MOLC Instructors cover an extensive curriculum that feeds you a wealth of information. The provided class instruction in conjunction with your field experience prepares you to test with the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife with confidence, knowledge, and wisdom.


With over 20 years’ experience in teaching the Maine Guide Training program, thousands of participants who now own successful Guide businesses, and over 3 decades of Guiding in the field - Let us guide you now in becoming one of Maine’s Elite Outdoorsmen – a Registered Maine Guide.


You will be 100% prepared to test with Inland Fisheries & Wildlife.


The State Approved Maine Guide Training curriculum is comprised of Licenses: Recreation, Fishing, and Hunting Guide licenses. 90% of the information needed for testing overlaps each other, which allows this training to easily cover all three licenses. Please refer to our website for more information and training schedule for a class near you.


• State Approved Curriculum: Recreation, Fishing, and Hunting Guide Licenses

• Extensive Map Reading and Compass Skills

• Extensive “Outdoor” practical information related to testing and Guiding

• Maine Guide First-Aid Training available

• Outdoor Handbook written by Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center with 500 Question Practice Test

• Mock Oral Board


Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center still holds onto the creed it began in 1997 - We guide you through the testing application process right through sewing the patch on your shoulder.



Maine's Outdoor Learning Center

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Maine's Outdoor Learning Center

VA Educational Benefits, Chapter 31 (VA Facility Code Number: 28021419)

Registered Maine Guide Training Only