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Maine's Outdoor Learning Center

Maine Guide Training


The Woods-wise Way

All Inclusive ● Small Group ● Professional Instructors


This is a unique Woods-wise approach to learning, where you are fully immersed in becoming a Maine Guide. From desktop to field you will explore your skills and talents in a hands-on experience.


The curriculum is comprised of Recreation, Fishing, and Hunting Guide licenses and prepares you to become one of Maine’s Elite Guides.


·         All Inclusive


·         Curriculum that covers all 3 licenses


·         Land Navigation


·         River Rescue, Paddling & Poling


·         Coal Cooking


·         Trip Planning & Client Care


·         And more


Let our hands-on Maine Guide “In the woods and off the Grid learning vacation” aid in achieving your personal growth. Spend 6 days and 5 nights learning how to turn your outdoor passion into reality.

Maine's Outdoor Learning Center

93 Thurlow Road, Lincolnville, Maine 04849

(207) 290-1496

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Maine's Outdoor Learning Center

VA Educational Benefits, Chapter 31 (VA Facility Code Number: 28021419)

Registered Maine Guide Training Only