Field Training

Our Field Training Site

Wilderness Skills and Confidence

Drift back 5 miles into the wilderness along the scenic Mattawamkeag River where you enter into a life style beyond the grid, slowing down and treasuring each moment. 

Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center’s 12 acre off-grid in the woods and on the waters field site is nestled in the quiet town of Mattawamkeag, on the Mattawamkeag River, in Northern Maine. 

A Lifestyle Beyond the Grid

Where you can slow down and treasure each moment of "In the woods and on the water" training. Our off-grid nature retreat with cabins, tent sites, and hot showers is an amazing place to learn, grow, and connect in a new way.

Surrounded by 100’s of wilderness acres where explorers of the mid-1800’s, such as young Teddy Roosevelt, Henry David Thoreau, and Percival Baxter came in search of solitude, a glimpse the wilds of Maine and ultimately, themselves. 

Our off-grid field site is powered by Nature; Solar and by Technology Generator Power

We have CABINS overlooking the woods and waters

 - Main Cabin

 - Student Cabins

 - Classroom Gathering Space

 - Shower House

 - Out-Houses

In the midst of Nature, Our Soul is Re-Awakened. 

 Our off-grid, powered by nature lodging is what makes these retreats AMAZING! 

Cabin living for a long weekend re-sets our body's natural rhythm with our long-ago ancestors, only with the comforts of today. 


 - resting along the river

Tenting allows the earth to connect to the of us to re-remember our strong roots that have been connected to the Pachamama since our birth. 

It’s here, we begin to breathe and think differently.  It has been said that a night outside in the fresh air, improves our ability to think, feel, and BE positively healthy.


 - Cooking Fire pits

 - Dutch Ovens

 - Reflector Ovens

 - Propane Stoves

When it comes to food, we cater to everyone. Local, Organic, and Wholesome.

If you have food sensitivities - not a problem. Just let us know ahead of time and we’ll make sure to fill your needs.

Preparing meals is what we love to do. You will never go hungry while staying with us. We love to eat and so will you.

OTHER Accessories

 - Drilled Well

 - Canoes and accessories

 - And more.


For nearly 200 years the Maine’s woods and waters has welcomed explorers from around the world and have provided them with exceptional adventures in camping, canoeing, hiking, fishing, personalized service, & experiences that last a lifetime. 

Our field training site is located 16 miles from Lincoln, Maine and about an hour & a half from Bangor, Maine.

5.5 hours from Boston, MA

3 hours from Portland, ME

1.5 hours from Bangor, ME 

"Capt. John and Tami provide outstanding service, impeccable meals, great off-grid lodging, and a kind hospitality to explorers from all over." J. Lancaster 

Learn Outdoor Skills

 Trainings offered at the Field Site:

- Registered Maine Guide Training

- Basic and Advanced Navigation

- River Rescues, Paddling and Poling

- Foraging the Wilds of Maine

- Primitive & Natural Living Skills

- Outdoor Cooking

- Women's Retreats

- Team Building

Field Training Compliments All Academic Programs.

Field training; day-long and long-weekend training programs partners with the 28 hour /4-Day Registered Maine Guide Training. These training programs build skills and boost confidence, enabling one to fully experience scenarios in a hand’s on way. 

Please visit Individual training pages for more information.  For  Dates and Prices, please visit our "Schedule" Page. 

Thank you. 

The Worlds Greatest Play-Ground

More Time to get Spoiled by our UnSpoiled River


We have Cabins and we have Tent sites. During Maine Guide Training students stay in Cabins. 1 or two people per cabin.  Some of our other workshops may include tenting. Of course if your an avid camper and want to pitch a tent, we welcome this too. 

What to Bring

Our field training is about spending time. Pack as if you're going on a camping trip.  

  • Sleeping Bag  and Pillow
  • 4-6 inch non-folding sheath knife 
  • Reusable, preferably steel water bottle for hot / cold
  • Flashlight and headlamp with extra batteries
  • Notebook and writing tools
  • Sunglasses
  • Bandana
  • Hat
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable toiletries
  • Insect repellent, long sleeves and long pants for insect protection
  • Wet weather clothing (including waterproof boots)
  • Cold Weather Clothing; Dress in Layers
  • Extra footwear


  • Tent with rain-fly or hammock based sleeping system 
  • Tarp or ground cover

DAY Workshops:  Students Should bring:

  • Workshop required material (See specific workshop)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Weather appropriate clothing (including waterproof boots)
  • Sun protection including a hat & sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent
  • Non-folding (4-6″) sheath knife
  • Notebook and writing tools

NEW: Work-Trade Opportunities

We offer work-trade opportunities to earn credit towards tuition for courses. Work-trade is intended for people who would not otherwise have the funds to attend our training programs. 

We have a long list of "To Do's" at the Field Site and the list is ever changing.  

  • Land Clearing
  • Trail Building
  • Tree work
  • Building Repairs & Maintenance
  • Tent Platform Building
  • Firewood
  • Fire pit Building

The work-trade is an application process to determine your skill set and what projects might fit you best.   Credits will be awarded towards training programs at the rate of $15 per hour for work perform. For those with more skill set we will work together to adjust the hourly rate to a fair price based on our needs and your experience.  

The work-trade must take place before any training program begins, and not after. 

Work-Trades take place at the field site on the Mattawamkeag River from Late April to Late October.

Meals and Lodging will be provided at no cost.

Work-Trade Application

Print Out - Fill Out - Mail or Scan