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Advanced Navigation, an Orienteering Training Program - Taking Skills to a NEW Level

The Advanced Map & Compass - in the woods training takes everything you learned in the Basic Land Navigation training and takes it MUCH  further – stepping into serious Orienteering. 

This training class really boost all previous Map & Compass skills. 

Pre-Requisite: Basic & Primitive Navigation or any Map & Compass Training with MOLC

Includes a Hearty lunch prepared by Maine Guides, John and Tami Rogers

 HEAR from those who've traversed the woods with us.


“One of the most challenging things I’ve done as an outdoor’s women and I CONQUERED it!!"  - Emily Boyd

"It’s a little intimidating to head into a class taught by an Army Ranger, Maine Master Guide and a gentleman who has grown up woods navigating. As you think this guy’s forgotten more navigation skills than I’ll ever know, but you soon learn how down to earth and humble Greg is. He’s accepting to any question and will answer it entirely. It’s one thing to know your topic, but it truly is another to know it and be able to break it down and teach it. Greg does this amazingly. Within hours you have the confidence and the skills to go into a dense forest and emerge at the other side within feet of your target.

Advance Navigation was one of the most fun courses I have ever taken. The course starts with a perfect amount of basic navigation refreshing and then jumps into teaching of new skills and tricks. Those skills get put to use in the field which allows you to really understand why you do certain things and to drive home what you just learned in the class room.

I would recommend any navigation course by MOLC ten times over. First off, Greg Sarnacki is a truly awesome instructor. The location of the training could not be better, not only is it a scenic area, it does challenge your skills and as they say, “if you can navigate here, you can navigate anywhere else in Maine”. Basic navigation and advanced navigation I feel like should be required for any woodsman or Maine Guide. The skills you learn in these courses are incredibly valuable when in the woods.

Maine Outdoor Learning Center definitely lives up to their slogan “leaders in outdoor education since 1997”. Greg Sarnacki is an expert in navigation and is incredible at getting information across that is easy to understand and pick up. Hosts John and Tami could be the best hosts I have ever had the pleasure of sharing a campfire with. At no point was I uncomfortable as the environment they make is extremely welcoming and not to mention the food they share is incredible. Whether staying in a cabin or camping down by the river, the location on the Mattawamkeag River is awesome."  - Matthew Verbiscus

"I really enjoyed the Advanced Navigation class. Because it was actual hands on, we got to implement what we had learned in class. I think it enhanced my skills significantly, especially reminding me to fully put "Fred in the Shed". Greg leads us through two navigation courses. At first, I thought two courses through the woods was too much for one day,  only because I felt I was out of shape. No pressure from the Instructor -  But I did it!!  People, know that this training requires physically navigating the terrain of the woods and for most of the day.  Dress for hiking in the woods.

I highly recommend these classes to others. Awesome skills building classes! As always, the food, hospitality, camaraderie and accommodations were superb! "

Love you guys!  - Kandi

JULY 18, 2020

Mattawamkeag River

 8 Hours

 Off-Grid Field Site

 9 am to 5 pm

Instructor Greg Sarnacki