Basic & Primitive Land Navigation

Field Site Training

Basic & Primitive Navigation

The ability to navigate is essential. In the first place, it will help you to avoid getting lost. If you do get lost, it will help you find your way out. 

This 1-Day workshop is focused on Map and Compass skills. When practiced, you will be prepared and equipped with skills when the occasion arises. Most importantly, you’ll develop the sense to adapt in all situation by using what is available to you. 

This 1-Day intensive is a prep class for Part II Advanced Navigation, which is more about orientation, taking everything, you learned in this Basic & Primitive workshop and putting it to use. Part II is about taking your navigation skills further.

Basic and Primitive Navigation is taught by Maine Guide Greg Sarnacki, who leads through woods and waters of Maine confidently and professionally. 

Lunch is included and prepared by John and Tami. Expect local, wild, and organic foods prepared in a traditional Maine Guide way.

Topics covered:
• Understanding necessary terminology and course plotting
• Accurate and effective map reading
• Understanding and plotting map coordinates
• Declination: true, grid, and magnetic north
• Scale and distance
• Navigate accurately to distant targets
• Navigating in poor visibility
• Plotting positions on the map should you become “lost”
• Latitude and Longitude
• How to plot UTM coordinates from your map


Land Navigation Handbook; Gregory Sarnacki


Equipment List: 

- Compass, Notebook & Pen/Pencil, Backpack, Dress for the woods. If you don’t have a compass we suggest: Any compass with 360 degrees and increments with at least 2 degrees, and a see-through bezel. Silva Models are great. The “Military Lensatic” compass is not sufficient and requires more work. 

o Walking Shoes/Hiking Boots

o Backpack

o Clothing Layers

o Insect Repellant

o Sunscreen

o Water bottle

June 27, 2020

Location: Mattawamkeag River Field Site

with Maine Guide, Gregory Sarnacki

  8 Hours in the field

  9 am to 5 pm


This training is part of a 3 day Primitive Skills Weekend Workshop and can be taken alone or in conjunction with the weekend. 

Lodging and meals are available if you choose to attend the full weekend.