Intro to Primitive and Natural Living Skills

Wisdom of the Earth

The Primitive and Natural Living Skills weekend course is designed to help you feel more connected to the natural world while learning foundational skills to live and interact with the landscape. Both instructors are Registered Maine Guides and Ancestral Living Skills Instructors.

This is a fun 3 day course, ideal for anyone looking to begin or enhance their career or lifestyle as a nature enthusiast, naturalist, outdoor educator, homesteader or wilderness Maine guide. We introduce many essential skills from knots and knives to natural movement and wildlife tracking. Each day is packed with practical skills like foraging, friction fires, and making primitive traps. 

After connecting with great like-minded people and nature you'll leave the weekend inspired to continue your learning journey in the Maine woods. 

All Inclusive - Expert Maine Guide Led - Intimate Group Size 

Welcome and Nature Awareness and Connection: We begin the course with unplugging from our busy lives and reconnecting with the Natural World. This is a chance to reset and be present for an exciting weekend. Awareness is the foundation of connection to the plants and animals we want to learn from. We work through a self-awareness sequence to help us read the landscape around us. The forest is no longer a wall of green, but a place where you can be comfortable knowing the trees, plants, birds, and tracks. 

Basic Skills, Foraging, and Fire: After an optional pre-breakfast natural movement class, we kick off the day with learning basic knife, hatchet, and knot skills. This leads us into carving your own digging stick so we can forage after lunch! We follow lunch with a lesson in foraging for edibles and medicinals common to the Maine Woods. Later in the afternoon we introduce friction fire methods to help us start our evening campfire where we can learn through story and community connection. 

Wildlife Awareness, Trapping, and Tracking: Our final day is focused on connection with the animal world and will start with an introduction to bird language and nature speak. We then build our own primitive traps followed by a more in depth wildlife tracking course. Here we will cover the basics of the animals native to our area as well as introduce the techniques of intuitive tracking. 

We will close our weekend with a discussion on designing your own learning journey so that you can continue to explore and deepen your connection with nature.

June 18 - 21, 2020

Mattawamkeag River Field Site

- Maine Guide Instructors - 

David Boynton and Rebecca Houghton

3pm Arrival

Mid Afternoon Departure