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River Rescues, Paddling, Poling, & Canoe Trip

Build Your Canoeing Skills - An ALL Outdoor Day of Great FUN!

 River Rescues Paddling & Poling

 - A Penobscot River Canoe Trip

8 Hours

Off-Grid Field Site

9 am to 5 pm



Professional Instruction 

All Gear 

Traditional Maine Guide shore lunch

Hello Adventurous Friends and Families who LOVE the Outdoors - This day trip is a MUST!

This day trip is also a wonderful complement to the 4 Day Registered Maine Guide Training and adds to the "experience" list that examiners are looking for. 

And NOT just for those becoming a Maine Guide - this day trip really boosts CONFIDENCE canoeing on the rivers of Maine. 

Here, you'll learn from Professional Maine Guides who have run the river with clients for over 25 years Here, you'll bring new canoeing skills home. 

Paddle the shores of the AMAZING Penobscot River, famous for its incredible fisheries, wildlife, and scenery. 

Although this 1-day intensive canoeing adventure is designed to build strength and boost your canoeing confidence, there is always moments to unwind, cast a line or two, and take in the flight of the Bald Eagles, and other wildlife sightings that the river is home to. 

If the water is right - the trip begins in Maine’s longest free flowing river, the Mattawamkeag River and ends in the Penobscot River. Along the way, you will hone: Knot Tying, River Rescues techniques, Paddle Strokes, and the art of traditional Maine Guide poling. 

Taste the flavors of a Traditional Maine Guide Shore lunch prepared River side. 

Come with a thirst for adventure and return home with a taste of confidence.

You’ll Learn Rescue Techniques: 

· T-Rescue, 

· 10 Boy Scout Pull 

· Vector Pull

· Z-Drag with Steve Thomas Rope Trick

This is a great adventure for those new to Maine Guiding,  Those who are waiting to test with IF&W, Scouts, and adventurous families who love the outdoors. 

JULY 19, 2020 - River Rescues

Mattawamkeag River

For those taking  "Advanced Navigation" the day before this trip. Ask us about spending the night. We'll either have a cabin or tent site available

A New Notion of Nature

Good Words

Thinking about taking this training with MOLC?

Greg has his great teaching skills on display during this course and is great at transferring knowledge and being extremely down to earth. He does make poling look much easier than it is J. One thing that Greg does well in this course in particular, is that if you are doing a stroke incorrectly, in my case we were trying a Duffek, and he watched and corrected any errors that we did. With his coaching we were able to pull off a very good “eddy out” at the end of the day.  

In true Maine Outdoor Learning Center fashion, covering the basics on land and then reinforcing that knowledge on the water is perfect. The route in which they pick, has a very nice mix of different kinds of river conditions. This helps you practice in calm water and then apply your new skills in some small rapids. It’s a well setup class with a lot of thought put into the schedule, meal, route and material of the course that makes it run so smooth. Thank you John, Tami, and Greg. I look forward to seeing you in the future. – Matt Verbiscus

I just got back from a full day of education and canoeing with a great group of people down the Penobscot River. I learned a lot and had an amazing time. I'm very grateful to have met John, Tami and Greg and cannot wait to learn much more from them in the future. 

  Having other Registered Maine Guides in the class itself speaks volumes about the quality of the instruction and content being provided.  Personally, I greatly enjoyed myself.  John, Tami, and Greg are inviting and very warm, making sure to directly ask if there were any concerns and whether I understood everything and enjoyed the experience. Which I did very much and will be attending as many future classes and activities as I can manage as I work towards my own guide's license.  

  Greg, the Maine Guide and Instructor was very clear and organized, as well as experienced and knowledgeable. He went beginning to end through the components of the canoe, recovery techniques, and finally canoe rescue.  Then it was demonstrated and practiced. Greg was also very responsive and approachable. I felt I could ask as many questions as I had along the way. He referenced past class questions, concerns and failures, while answering all of our questions while demonstrating techniques.

The trip itself was perfect and it met all my expectation. Having everything explained and physically demonstrated helped me to retain the information that previous educational attempts failed to cement for me. 

I want to note lunch! Very impressive, riverside fire-cooked meal (with dessert!)  it was incredible and delicious.

MOLC’s team of professional guides and instructor are very pleasant, friendly, fun, knowledgeable and they create an inviting atmosphere. 

Thank you!  - Alex Barnes


“What an awesome weekend!!! Definitely a big confidence boost for sure!! I’m ready to navigate the woods and waters!  - Emily Boyd