An Outdoor Cooking Class

For Outdoor People!


Any excuse to be outdoors works for us!

In any good outfit the camp cook is critical to success. Here in this beginners Wilderness Cooking Workshop, you’ll learn ways to prepare delicious meal to begin or end a hard day of outdoor work. 

Meals can have a significant effect on the morale and energy of everyone in the camp. A good cook not only cooks, but may also be involved in other aspects of fishing, hunting, recreation, and outfitting operations. If you’re a Maine Guide, preparing to become one, or enjoy cooking in the woods, Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center we will inspire your enthusiasm and help you build your outdoor cooking skills. 

In this 1-day cooking workshop, we will open your eyes to many possibilities of cooking in the outdoors.

We will:

Prepare, cook, and eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Breads, desserts, and more.

We will use:

Reflector Ovens, Dutch Ovens, Coleman Stoves, Open Flame

At Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center, we are dedicated and determined to offer world-class training as well as an extraordinary outdoor experience. 


Food All Day

Maine Guide Cookbook; recipes for small and large groups

Tall tales

and Loads of FUN.


"Tami & John are truly gourmet outdoor cooks!  They certainly know their subject matter. The cooking, guiding and camping stories that John & Tami told throughout the class from their experience as Maine Guides made this class my favorite!  And to enjoy it all over good food and company, what could be better!  I really liked their tips on packing food for a trip, advanced prep.  Their shared knowledge will make my next camping trip easier.  Also, I am looking into getting a reflector oven! This is an awesome way to cook. Their outdoor cooking cookbook is wonderful! this class has really helped me step into cooking more outdoors." - Shelene Shevchenko

"My first thought was "Who doesn't know how to cook in the woods?"  I am WOWED by this workshop! Tips, tools, and the know how has made me a much better outdoor cook. Learning to cook for large and small groups by tailoring recipes is a craft. I especially loved making bread in a dutch oven - I swear it tastes different. 

John and Tami hold a deep passion for nature. Their combined knowledge of the woods and waters is immeasurable. I would take this workshop again just to hang out with their positive and joyful way of being. The one thing I wished the most for in the workshop is more time... there was so much food, we ate all day, it was so good and I wanted to eat more but I was so full.

The recipe book is priceless - from how many coals to use for dutch oven cooking to how far from the flame the reflector oven should be. I especially loved picking rhubarb and then crafting a dessert. Yep - definitely coming back!" - Kevin Druin

"I recommend this workshop to EVERYONE! You guys are AMAZING people who really love being outside.  I love the cookbook with all the recipes and "How To's".  The whole Re-Wilding weekend was Fabulous and I can't say enough about the professionalism, enthusiasm, kindness, knowledge that each seasoned Maine Guide Instructor brought to each workshop - they know their stuff inside and out!  For me, being a "Foodie" I was very much looking forward to this class - it exceeded my expectations. It was the best!  For those of you reading - YOU GOT to Go and Experience time on the river with John and Tami. You'll LOVE it! - Jake Robards

"Making Butter was the very best!" - Kelly M.

"Bread can rise in the rain. Who knew! Hey team, when can we come back and spend the weekend with you? We can't wait for next year! Thank you."  - Noah and Mary

JUNE 28, 2020

Location: Mattawamkeag River Field Site

with Master Maine Guides & Instructors 

John and Tami Rogers

8 hours Field Training

9 am to 5 pm