Outdoor Woman
Becoming an Outdoors Woman

Wild Women's Outdoor Skill Building Weekend

ReWILDING the Authentic Woman Within Building Skills and Confidence

For Women Who Love the Outdoors.

SEPTEMBER 10-13, 2020

This off grid Nature Retreat with Cabins and Hot showers takes place at our field site on the  Mattawamkeag River in Mattawmakeag, Maine.

Who doesn't love getting back to Nature? The sound of the forest, the scent of the trees, the sunlight bouncing off the water, clean air, and the ability to think more clearly. This is what nature provides for us. 



Give yourself freedom to Be.

Explore differently.

ReWILD your Spirit in the Outdoors.

Build Skills.

Boost Confidence.

Return feeling energized, refreshed, and  INSPIRED for Life.

Prerequisite: LOVE for Nature and the Woods & Waters

It's here you gain tools to improve your connection with yourself, relationships, and your community. It's here you'll gain tools as an Outdoors Woman!

  • Gain Canoeing Skills and Confidence.
  • Canoe the beautiful waters of the Mattawamkeag & Penobscot Rivers.
  • Hike in, near, and around Baxter State Park
  • Learn to Fly-Fish & Spin Cast
  • Learn the art of finding your way with Map & Compass
  • Learn to build sacred fires and be with them...
  • Team Building

Wild Women in Wild Places is personal and professional to small groups. 

6-8 Women MAX

$595.00 Fee Includes all meals and lodging, Guide Service, and more.

Once enrolled a confirmation, list of things to bring, and more about your stay will be sent.

Everything Included

  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Expert lead
  • Professional Instruction
  • Women's Outdoor Skill Building Weekend

The Woods and Waters are Calling You!

women's retreats - for Women Who LOVE the Outdoors!

Wild Women in Wild Places!

This long weekend was a great way to learn new skills in the company of like minded women. 

The meals were INCREDIBLE! Each one better than the last.  My cabin was so cozy and comfortable . And the open air showers a real treat. I want to  build one at home. 

I can't say enough about the Maine Guides. They were warm. knowledgeable,  and highly attentive. I learned much more than I ever expected to and crossed multiple experiences off my bucket list. 

The Fishing, Hiking, Map & Compass training, Fly tying and Canoeing were all great, but what sets this retreat apart from others is Tami's Shamanic work and Sacred Fire. I am transformed! 

 - K. Jackson



- Paulo Coelho

2020 Dates

September 10 - 13

Wild Women's Skill Building Retreat

2pm - 2pm

Mattawamkeag River, Mattawamkeag Maine

September 10 - 13

Wild Women's Skill Building Retreat

Wild Women in Wild Places! 

2pm - 2pm

Mattawamkeag River, Mattawamkeag Maine

Join Us!

Fee: $595.

Not Available at this time due to Covid19

What Wild Women Are Saying

Re-Wilding the Spirit

 This "Wild Women" experience helped be grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally as a woman. Through this journey with 5 other women, I have learned that it is okay to be my unique self. I didn't feel the need to prove my worth to anyone. I learned that it's okay to speak up and ask questions, asks for help, or while hiking, ask for a rest.

This retreat empowers you to let go of what doesn't serve you in your life - like judgement, resentment, lack of self-confidence, and more. 

I would take this retreat again and again because I learn a little more about myself each time.

The food is marvelous, plentiful, and yummy.

The lodging is great. I love all the little touches.

The river is INSPIRING.

All my needs were met.

Thank you!! - Kandi


I treated myself to this 'Wild Women in Wild Places' retreat because I really needed a "ME" break from the hustle and bustle of my every day life. WOW! I am so happy I found Tami's site.

To spend a long weekend with like minded women really helped me to see that I was lacking a community of supportive women. We didn't know one another, and yet we instantly came together as a group doing what we love - breathing in Nature. 

I created a walking stick with my own hands and a knife - who does that in a busy world? Not Me. 

Sitting with what Tami calls "Sacred Fire" I got a deep sense that we were all connecting with our ancient and primitive roots of all women long ago and now

. We shared, we cared, we learned. 

This weekend settled many "OUTDOOR" fears for me. Canoeing... what if I tip over? Hiking... what if I get lost? Fishing... Where are the fish? and do I really know how to take a fish off the hook once I catch one? I was challenged and tested in many ways. 

I really enjoyed the rivers. I am amazed by how clear they are. The landscape is stunning, and the Eagles. I'm sure they were talking to me. 

The hike with Mindy through Baxter State Park was awesome. We had the best weather, yummy foods, and amazing hike. Mindy said she chooses which trails to climb according to the weather - but I bet they are all fabulous trails. 

I tied my own fly and caught a LOVELY HUGE Bass on it. Thanks John!

Greg is very patient! I wasn't sure I could grasp the concept of using a Map & Compass. I can and I did. Thanks Greg! 

The sacred fires, drumming, releasing old stuff that I've held onto long enough, the skills, the food, lodging, sharing, and so much more was just what I needed. 

I returned home - DIFFERENT. 

Thank you. Thank you all so much.

- Shannon K.


I AM WOWED! This women's weekend took me places that I never thought I'd go. 

I kissed a fish. 

I made my own sacred spoon and when I use it I feel connected to all the women in my life, even those that are not here in body form.

I learned T-Rescue in a canoe. feeling much more confident now when things go awry. 

I stated my intent for life and with my new map & compass skills I can find my way - not just outside, but my inner map and compass as well.

The icing was the hike. I never thought I could get there. I DID! WHOA!

Tami and John and their team of guides are attentive, kind, supportive, and knowledgeable. They are a joy to spend valuable time with. 

I feel NEW and encouraged to seek more time in nature. 

Thank you and BIG loves. - Lori K.


This is a great way to learn new skills in the company of like minded women. 

The food is incredible, the cabins are cozy and comfortable, the open air showers were so good that I want to build one at home. The EXPERIENCE is awesome! 

I can't say enough about the Guides. They are warm and knowledgeable. I learned much more than I ever expected to and crossed multiple experiences off my bucket list.

The fishing, hiking, map & compass training, and fly tying/fishing were great! However, what sets this retreat apart from others is Tami's Shamanic teachings and the Sacred Fire. 

I am Transformed. - K. Jackson


Tami and John are incredible hosts. They are friendly, funny, and wise and share their knowledge of the Maine woods and waters generously. They have created a magical place of learning and healing in one of the most serene places in the world.

Each meal was better than the last. 

I'm already scheming about the next time I can make a trip here.

Words can't describe the experience, it can only be felt. - Melissa Jones


I want to become a Maine Guide. This weekend retreat has fed me so much information. Different skill levels. Patience of the Guide's. How to show up with an open heart and mind for all beings. For me, it was an amazing test of Team Building and renewal in the woods. I adore Tami and her skills as a Shamanic Healer. What she brings to the retreat is Priceless. Knowing my own heart and what I want to do with my life is a true gift. John is an amazing Teacher and Guide - Fabulous chef too. Greg is so kind, patient, and knowledgeable. Mindy is patient beyond belief. I learned so much about being a guide. I feel Strong and Confident and I know my path. Thank you to you all. Love, Kelly P. 


I Loves the variety of adventures! Was great to learn the compass skills and to have the canoe rescue experience and T-Rescue training. I love the time spent on the water. The hiking was harder for me and I like to go at a faster pace, perfect though for the other women in the group. However great to be up in Baxter, I personally would have liked a tougher, harder hike than Chimney Pond. Thanks for sharing your skills and talents. - Kate


The Food was absolutely AMAZING! I loved this learning map & compass skills, the canoe rescues, and fly tying and fishing. I REALLLLLY loved the Drumming & Scared Fire time. It was a Great Experience. - ??



Scared connections to nature.

Learned new skills.

I FEEL confident as a better woods woman!

- Jenny


There is something "Wild" about living off grid. Hot showers, awesome food, and LOTS of stars in the sky with NO light pollution made me realize that being off grid is AMAZING! 

For me the weekend was a great test of inner strength and endurance. I feel so much more at ease fishing (Look Out Bill - I'm going to out Fish you now!) without someone there to tie on a new fly or lure. I learned the technique of taking the fish off the hook with grace and releasing it. I feel more confident in steeping off the path while hiking, knowing I have new compass skills. I could go on and on about the weekend. What I really want to say is THANK YOU to Tami and John and the Guides they chose to work with we "Wild Women". They are all so gifted, kind, filled with a light that wants me to be in Nature all the time. 

Thank you! - Lindsay M.


This retreat was a given to me as a gift and I truly didn't know what to expect. While there, I continuously learned new things from everyone in the group and nature that have changed my perspective - helped me feel a lot more whole and, helped me to be my true authentic self without fear of judgement. My anxiety level has never been this low in my entire life, and for that I am grateful!! Thank you all so much. 

- Casey Harger