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Maine's Outdoor Learning Center
Maine's Outdoor Learning Center
Maine's Outdoor Learning Center
Maine's Outdoor Learning Center
Maine's Outdoor Learning Center
Maine's Outdoor Learning Center

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Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center, owners Capt. John and Tami Rogers are the leading pioneers of the very first “week-long/hands-on” Registered Maine Guide Training Program in Maine 20 years ago this year. To date, the school has trained over 2000 people to become leaders of the woods and waters of Maine.


The Guide prep program focuses on Guide Licenses: Recreation, Fishing, Hunting, and Specialized Tidewater - with emphasis on Map & Compass, (Tidewater Plotting), Search & Rescue, Catastrophic Events, Canoeing & Canoe Rescue techniques and all related topics in the field.  Whether one chooses to train in the week long/ hands on or 4 day academic setting, students are 100% ready to take one of Maine’s toughest outdoor tests.  Once licensed as a Maine Guide one is able to lead others through the woods and waters of Maine as a business.


During the 20 year span MOLC has added a myriad of workshops and weekend classes; Land Navigation; Map & Compass/GPS, Wilderness First-Aid/CPR weekend (taught in the woods), River Rescue; Paddling & Poling Techniques (Full day on the River), Wilderness Skill Building weekend, and Gold Panning.


“Our unique approach to hands-on learning gives one the opportunity to hone wilderness skills, develop empathy for the natural world, and acknowledge the unique gifts they have to share with others. Our practical skills training, workshops, and retreats set you apart from the rest.”


Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center, Leaders in outdoor education since 1997, offers training throughout the State of Maine – from Southern Maine to Northern Maine and all the in between.


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John and Tami Rogers, Maine's Outdoor Learning Center, Maine Guide School

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Maine's Outdoor Learning Center.

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Maine's Outdoor Learning Center

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Maine's Outdoor Learning Center

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