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Let us introduce ourselves. We are Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center, the leading pioneers of the very first “week-long/hands-on” Registered Maine Guide Training Program in Maine that began in 1997. 

We are family owned and operated and make an exceptional team - Capt. John Rogers, Tami Rogers, and Greg Sarnacki. We’ve been Guiding Professionally for over 30 years and teaching the Maine Guide Program for over 20 years. We bring this experience, knowledge, and wisdom into every training, every adventure, and every trip we offer.

Our outdoor training programs offer an array of  training, in the field and classroom, and is known for building skills and boosting confidence in the woods and waters. Our unique approach to hands-on learning builds outdoor skill confidence, brings in knowledge, and gives one the opportunity to find their personal strength and unique style.

Before 1997 the only classes offered were the 15-week, 1-evening a week course. And… a new era began. For several months, we worked hand in hand with Inland Fisheries & Wildlife to create a curriculum that prepares student Guides for taking not only one of Maine’s toughest outdoor tests in becoming a Registered Maine Guide, but one of the most credible licenses to have in the United States. 

Our curriculum is a valuable asset to the outdoor knowledge you bring to the classroom and the field. Using practical techniques, extensive map and compass work, 500 question test, mock oral board, and more, our training program is designed to help you  discover your strengths, learn new skills, gain confidence and knowledge while understanding what is required for the oral and written testing portions of becoming a Maine Guide.  

Our Training Programs are Guide Created, Guide Taught: With over 3 decades as Master Maine Guides; guiding in the field, and over 20 years’ experience as Maine Guide Instructors; teaching the Maine Guide training program to thousands of like-minded people who now own successful Guide businesses.

We are confident our training program will guide you in becoming one of Maine’s Elite Outdoors Men and Outdoors Women – Registered Maine Guides. 

The Registered Maine Guide training program is taught in two different modalities using the same academic curriculum.

- 28 Clock Hours / 4-Days: Classroom - In several locations throughout Maine

- 80 Clock Hours / 7-Days: In the field – Residential, that takes place in the off-grid field site on the Mattawamkeag River in Winn/Mattawamkeag, Maine

MOLC’s Motto

“We stay by your side until the patch is in your hand” 

You are 100% prepared to test with Inland Fisheries & Wildlife. 

Whether you decide to come for Maine Guide Training or to boost your outdoor skills  - we've got you covered. 

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Maine Guides with more than 30 years Experience and 23 years as Instructors.

Our Training Programs are Created by Guides and Taught by Guide. 

  • Capt. John Rogers
  • Greg Sarnacki
  • Tami Rogers
  • Randy McEwen
  • Michelle Martin
  • Mindy Smith
  • David Boynton
  • Rebecca Houghton