Veterans Benefits

  Our Maine Guide Programs are approved for the use of GI Bill® benefits. GI Bill® us a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at 

Students with questions 

regarding their benefits should contact the VA by calling 1-888-442-4551 

or using the "Ask A Question" feature at 

Should students find they cannot make contact with the VA, they may contact:


Camden Ege


Maine State Approving Agency for Veterans' Education Programs

147 Water St., Suite 2

Randolph, ME 04346

Office: (207) 582-2100

Our Facility Code: #28021419

Policies for Veterans and Dependents Using VA Benefits:

Deposit Policy: At the time of enrolling a 50% deposit is required. No space is held without a deposit. Deposits for veterans, veteran spouses, and dependents are refundable and transferable as in MOLC’s cancellation policy for all enrolled students. Your deposit will be repaid to you 100% when we receive your tuition from the VA. 

NOTE: The student is responsible for paying any tuition the VA Benefit doesn’t cover. 

Balance Due: If your VA Benefits do not pay 100% of the tuition, you are responsible for the balance. As is our policy for non-VA Benefit students, we require that this tuition balance is paid 1 month prior to class start date. As a school, this information should be made known to us ahead of time. 

Attendance Policy: 100% attendance and participation for our courses is mandatory for a graded certificate. 

Refund Policy for Veterans and Dependents Using VA Benefits: The school will refund the unused portion of prepaid tuition and fees on a pro rata basis. Any amount in excess of $10.00 for an enrollment of registration fee will also be prorated.

Policies for All Students

Attendance Policy 

100% attendance and participation for our training courses is expected. If a portion of the training, within reason of a few hours, is missed by unforeseen circumstances, MOLC Instructors will provide extra time for make-up. Student who miss 5 plus hours will be dismissed with no refund, no transferal. 

Field Site: The field site trainings are immersion programs, which means for the entire training you will live in the woods and spend every day actively learning and doing. You will be evaluated, given feedback, and tested by hands-on, oral, and written tests by instructors. The evaluations are based on in the field exercises, test scores, and oral answers. Guides who successfully meet all training requirements will receive a certificate of completion. 

Academic 4 day: Student Guides are tested in class written and orally. You must receive a score of 70 or better to receive a certificate of completion. Attendance, participation, and proficiency in map and compass skills are part of the score.

Testing: Student Guide test scores and pertinent information are maintained in our main office. 

Written Test Grade Scale: PASS/FAIL

100 Question Exam:

Minimum passing grade considered satisfactory is: 70%

70% and Higher: PASS

Anything below a 70%: FAIL

While efforts are made by our staff to ensure the student Guides success, we reserve the right to academically dismiss student Guides who are not meeting minimum standards for participation and safety. 

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the training you are free to leave, but you will not receive a certificate or return of fees for the training course.   

Student Conduct and Dismissal Policy 

When at the field site we’re all about creating successful Guides. We reserve the right to dismiss a student for any reason including but not limited to using drugs, excessive alcohol, fighting, and disruption of learning.  

Conditions of reentrance for dismissed students for unsatisfactory progress are on a case by case basis. All inquiries for reentrance shall be submitted in writing to Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center for review. 

Student Record Keeping

Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center maintains a written record of all student training and test scores in the main office in Lincolnville, Maine. 

Non-Accredited Training

MOLC is a non-accredited training facility that neither gives or receives credit for previous education and training. However, the tools you bring into the program advances your knowledge and skills that advance your test scores with MOLC and Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.