Basic and Primitive Skills of Foraging Maine

Another Reason to Explore Maine

Foraging edibles and medicinal plants of Maine

Rewild yourself with plant expert Michelle Martin. Meet edibles, medicinal, and amazing people. 

This 1-Day training gives you the knowledge and foraging skills to find, identify, gather, and harvest edible foods and medicinal plants safely and sustainably. 

Are you intrigued with the idea of foraging but intimidated by where to start?

This hand - on workshop is designed for those with interest to know and understand edible plants as well as deepening your relationship with plants.

  • Understanding  edibles and medicinal plants
  • Hike through the Maine woods and along the river, identifying and foraging for known plants that are beneficial to our well being
  • Prepare and eat some of the edibles the class has gathered
  • Make and take-home medicinal herbal salves and tinctures

Maine Guide Michelle Martin is thrilled to share her bountiful knowledge that takes you into sustainable practices in the wilds of Maine.

Hearty Lunch is included and prepared by John and Tami. Expect local, wild, and organic foods prepared in a traditional Maine Guide way.

Hear from those who've shared the day with us.

“Michelle was very organized. I loved that she had notes to reference to make sure she hit everything she wanted the group to learn. I understood everything that she was saying and she was great with questions, while encouraging others to contribute their knowledge. It felt very collaborative. Michelle is a true enthusiast who is willing to share what she knows. I learned new skills and can identify some new plants and their used. I also feel more confident about using identification books. The class was a good mix of “classroom” and in the field exercises. This class really peaked my interest and I am now ready to learn more." - Shelene Shevchecko

“We loved Michelle’s passion and enthusiasm for foraging and teaching. She is very approachable with any and all questions we had. The class exceeded our expectations, which increased our Maine plant knowledge, and we learned new skills in how to identify and use plants. We especially enjoyed the preparation and hands on work at the end of the day with what we had foraged:  medicinals and edibles.  Lawn pesto is going be part of our regular appetizer regime!!"  - Jocelyn and Keith

"Michelle's passion for plants is filled with knowledge and joy. She truly loves everything there is about plants, trees, edibles, and making making natures medicine. I highly recommend this workshop. It really helped me know more about the plants even in my own back yard. Lawn Pesto - Hands down! I've made it couple of times after the weekend as well." - Jim Proctor

JUNE 26, 2020

Location: Mattawamkeag River Field Site

With Maine Guide Instructor Michelle Martin


8 Hours of Field Training

9 am to 5 pm