Land Navigation

With Greg Sarnacki & Randy McEwen

Land Navigation using Map & Compass / GPS

Spend time with us in this Map & Compass / GPS class and learn to travel accurately off-trail with complete confidence. This class will provide basic training in standard navigation methods (Map & Compass) and present day modern GPS navigation technology.

Topics covered:
• Understanding necessary terminology and course plotting
• Accurate and effective map reading
• Understanding and plotting map coordinates
• Declination: true, grid, and magnetic north
• Scale and distance
• Navigate accurately to distant targets
• Navigating in poor visibility
• Plotting positions on the map should you become “lost”
• Latitude and Longitude
• How to plot UTM coordinates from your map
• GPS overview
• Initializing and calibrating your GPS so it works properly
• Saving and editing locations in your GPS
• Entering desired positions into your GPS
• Common mistakes made by GPS users and how to avoid them
• Waypoints, Routes, and Plotting points
• And more

Our job is to see that you feel comfortable and confident using a map and compass anywhere and to give you the knowledge you need to use your GPS competently and confidently wherever you go.

Includes: Land Navigation Handbook; Gregory Sarnacki


Required for Class: 

· Notebook for notes, or you can directly write in the MOLC's Manual

· Writing utensils 

· Compass - If you don’t have a compass we suggest: Any compass with 360 degrees and increments with at least 2 degrees, and a see-through bezel. Silva Models are great. NOTE: The “Military Lensatic” compass is not sufficient and requires more work. 

· GPS Suggestions: Garmin eTrex


9 am to 5 pm - Class Begins at 9:00 am – You will have an hour lunch break. 

FEBRUARY 22, 2020

Cabela's in Scarborough, Maine

  8 hours Classroom

  9 am to 5 pm